Main Event
fatal four-way hell in the cell match
(every person for his or her self, winner gets sole possession of Jonathan Yu's soul)
Jonathan Yu vs Rory Brown vs Adam Riff™ vs Britney Spears

wrestlepalooza championship
Ross Fischer vs Satan

cruiserweight championship
bar room brawl
(contestants must be thoroughly intoxicated before match)
Dan Green vs Jae Min

hardcore championship
(no disqualification, falls count anywhere)
Chris Brooks vs Stephen Hawking

intercontinental championship
lumberjack match
(lumberjacks stand outside ring and must attack anybody who falls out of it)
Keith Stanski vs Myriah Cornwell
Sima Gandhi
Nadia Heninger
Lilia Lopez
Sarah Madden

tag team championship
tables, ladders, and chairs match
(every team for themselves, no DQ for use of TLC, climb ladder and get title belts suspended above center of ring to win)
Christina and Jon Baer vs Stephanie and Valerie Chen vs
Derek and Stephanie Fong and The Rock vs Seth and Henry Freedland
vs Mystery Opponents

women's championship match
Jose Antonio Vargas vs Michelle Kwan

coffin match
(lock opponent in coffin to win)
Marianne Madden vs Justin Timberlake with Arica Fong

gladiator match
(every man for himself, kill both opponents to win)
Russell Crowe vs Daniel Palay vs Dr. Phil

spanking match
(spank opponent to win)
Dan Means vs Christopher Walken

street fight
(no disqualification, must score pinfall in ring)
Martin Roark vs Zach Mattos

bra and panties match
(strip opponent down to bra and panties to win)
Mariam Al-Shamma vs Chris Colburn

leather strap match
(opponents are connected by a leather strap)
Rory Hornblower vs Ang Lee

stink face match
special referee: Brad Czajkowski
(sit on opponent's face to win)
Jennifer Lopez vs Rosie O'Donnell

inferno match
(set opponent on fire to win)
Eminem vs Tiger Woods

triple threat last man standing match
(every man for himself, ten-count pinfall to win)
Fred Durst vs Daniel Clemens vs Tim Farrell

submission match
(make opponent tap out to win)
Alex Roome vs Haley Joel Osment

first blood match
(make opponent bleed to win)
Ryan Condon vs Laura Bush

barbed wire match
(barbed wire ring ropes)
Alex Rodriguez vs Anna Nicole Smith

handicap match
Derek Chow, Tanya Gabrielian, Ryan Malatesta and Aaron Rubenstein vs Claudine Montecillo

15-person battle royal
(everybody in the ring, elimination occurs when thrown over top rope and both feet touch ground, last person standing wins)
Jonathan Yu
Shea Anderson
Scott Brown
Marilyn Cooney
Jill Denny
Carol Gontang
Patricia Hyland
Marti Mittman
Matt Neely
Paige Price
Hugh Riddell
Diane Tavenner
Katie Thornburg
Jill Toby
Lauren White

tag team mud match
(two people at a time in ring, ring is mud pit)
Greg Jenkins and Mandy Moore vs Elvin Lee and Katy Guyon

curtain jerker
(opening act)
Josh Karlin-Resnick vs a bear

unless otherwise noted, all matches entail a three-count pinfall to win